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Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the N64 Library (Hardcover Book) PRE-ORDER


Note: This is a pre-order expected to ship in Sept. 2024. If you pre-order by Apr. 12, your name will be included in the back of the book in the "Early Supporter" section.

Nintendo joins the 3D revolution! Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the N64 Library thoroughly examines the games from the beloved Nintendo 64 system. This definitive resource contains information, screenshots, and reviews of all games released worldwide for Nintendo’s 64-bit home video game console between 1996-2002. Learn about hundreds of fun and memorable N64 titles like Super Mario 64Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart 64, GoldenEye 007Super Smash Bros.The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and many more. 

This collection includes details for every N64 game: developer, publisher, release date, genre, special features, and more. Additional sections are dedicated to special cartridges and even 64DD games released only in Japan. If you are a Nintendo or video game fan, dive in and learn about all the entertaining and interesting games in the impressive N64 library!

– 400 N64 game reviews, including titles released exclusively in Europe and Japan
– Nintendo 64 hardware and accessories
– Nintendo 64 console and controller variants
– Not For Resale and Special cartridges
– 64DD game reviews
– Canceled N64 games
– Nintendo 64 technology and history articles
– Bonus material

Note: this book is not authorized or endorsed by Nintendo. All registered trademarks, game art, and game screenshots used are copyrighted by their respective holders and are utilized here under Fair Use.

Expected Release Date: Sept. 2024

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