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UItimate Nintendo: Guide to the SNES Library (Digital Download)

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Want to read Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the SNES Library 1991-1998 on your iPad, tablet, phone, or computer? This option is for you! This digital version of the book is the same as the physical one, with 800 SNES game reviews, information about test carts, promo carts, unreleased SNES games, Super Famicom games, and supplemental articles! The biggest difference is that it doesn't weigh over 6 pounds! Once downloaded, the code will also work for any future updates the book may receive!

This download code is available in both PDF and EPUB 3.0 formats (please consult your e-reader software for the best compatibility). If viewing on a phone, please download first to a computer before transferring the file over to be safe. After purchase, the link should be available on the purchase page in a .zip file.
Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the SNES Library is a thorough examination of the games from the beloved and influential Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This definitive resource contains information, screenshots, and reviews of all games released for Nintendo’s 16-bit home video game console between 1991-1998. Read about hundreds of fun and memorable SNES titles like Super Mario WorldDonkey Kong CountrySuper MetroidMega Man XSuper Castlevania IVThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and many more. 

This collection includes details for every SNES game: developer, publisher, release date, genre, special features, and more! Bonus sections are dedicated to promo cartridges and even games that were never released! So, if you are a Nintendo or video game fan, dive in and learn about all the entertaining and interesting games in the impressive SNES library!

– 800 SNES game reviews, including those released exclusively outside of North America
– Promo, special, and test cartridges
– A look at SNES games that were never released
– Super Famicom spotlight highlighting titles released in Japan on the SNES sister console
– A guide to notable SNES controllers and devices
– Supplemental articles about the history of the SNES by game historians and internet personalities

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