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Pat the NES Punk Vol. 4 DVD


Pat the NES Punk is back for another year of gaming fun and adventures! In Volume Four, the NES Punk (Pat Contri) must again tend with a colorful cast of characters including his overbearing agent, the evil game shop employee, The Angry Video Game Nerd, and of course, Frank! Pat also reviews several Nintendo games including Anticipation, Tecmo Bowl, Amagon, the legendary Nintendo World Championships, and more! Also, Pat returns to search for more game deals with Flea Market Madness!
On the bonus disc: Pat visits events such as Comic Con, E3, and returns to the Jersey Shore! Plus teaser trailers, the original Ask Frank, and DVD exclusives like a Smash Bros. showdown, bloopers, Ask Ian, and much more on this 2 disc set

What's on the DVD Set?

Nearly 7 hours of content on 2 DVDs, which can be played in DVD players worldwide:

- 9 Pat the NES Punk (digitally re-mastered) as well as the epic Angry Video GameNintendo World Championships episode!

- Exclusive audio commentary tracks for the Pat the NES Punk episodes and the AVGN episode!

- 5 Flea Market Madness episodes!

- 3 hours of bonus material including event videos, promo videos, trailers, and lots more!

- Exclusive videos never before seen on Youtube as well as a few DVD exclusives such as a blooper/outtakes reel and the premier of Ask Ian!

This is a professional produced full color DVD set playable worldwide.

Full DVD/Bonus Features List

Disc 1
Family Game Funness
Nintendo Power Tips Cassette
Angry Video Game Nerd: Nintendo World Championships
Mr. Gimmick
Devil World
It's a Wonderful Life, Punk
Tecmo Bowl
Captain America & The Avengers

DVD-exclusive audio commentary tracks for the above episodes!

Flea Market Madness 5
Flea Market Madness 6
Flea Market Madness 7
Flea Market Madness 8
Flea Market Madness 9

Disc 2

Comic Con 2011
- Daily Recap Videos
- Exclusive interviews of Brianna Baker, Maria Kanellis, Pearl from Konami, Claudia Wells

E3 2012
- Exclusive interviews
- Videogame History Museum Tour

Pat Returns to the Jersey Shore
Pax Prime 2011 Recap & Dorky's Arcade Visit
Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2011 Recap & Pat's Panel
MAGFest 2012 Announcement
Teaser Trailers for Pat the NES Punk episodes
5200 subscriber video
NES Marathon 2011 Promo
Best of Pat the NES Punk 2011
Ask Frank Announcement & Ask Frank Vol. 1
AVGN - River City Ransom
AVGN Nintendo World Championships Bloopers/Outtakes
ROB Watches AVGN 100th Episode (exclusive)
Volume Four Bloopers/Outtakes (exclusive)
Ask Ian (exclusive)
Pat vs Roo: The Final Battle (exclusive)


Please note: if you would like the DVD signed by Pat, please send a note with your purchase during checkout (it's the "add note" function). If DVD cover is to be signed, the shrink-wrap will be removed for this to happen.

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