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Pat the NES Punk Vol. 3 DVD


The NES Punk is back! After his ex-girlfriend sells his beloved M-82 demo unit, Pat travels to California to retrieve it from an obsessive fan. From there he meets a rude game store employee, encounters a dominatrix, plays competitive dodgeball, and meets a hippie named Frank - all while reviewing classic Nintendo games! Also, Flea Market Madness returns! Plus, many classic moments from the First Annual NES Charity Marathon are here to behold! On the four hour long bonus disc, follow Pat as he ventures to E3, MAGFest, Comic Con, and even the Jersey Shore! Plus: teaser trailers, Pat's first ever panel, an exclusive interview with Frank, a look at the video creation process, and much more on this jam-packed 2 disc set!

Disc 1 Content

M82 ftw
- commentary (DVD exclusive)
Super Dodge Ball
- commentary (DVD exclusive)
Caltron 6 in 1
- commentary with Ian (DVD exclusive)
Xmas Turbografx Special
- commentary (DVD exclusive)
NWC 1990
- commentary with Ian (DVD exclusive)
- commentary with Frank (DVD exclusive)
Casino Calamity
- commentary (DVD exclusive)
Alisia Dragoon
- commentary (DVD exclusive)
Alisia Dragoon UNCENSORED version (Bonus DVD exclusive)

Flea Market Madness Vol. 2
Flea Market Madness Vol. 3
Flea Market Madness Vol. 4

Mini reviews
Kickle Cubicle Mini Review (from M82 ftw)
Elevator Action mini review (from M82 ftw)
Rad Racer mini review (from M82 ftw)
Vegas Dream (from Casino Calamity)
Blackjack (from Casino Calamity)
Casino Kid (from Casino Calamity)
Caesar's Palace (from Casino Calamity)
DVD Exclusive Mini Review - Super Off Road
DVD Exclusive Mini Review - Cyberball

NES Marathon Videos
#41: Top Gun
#143: Dr. Chaos
#239 Battletoads
#151 Ian Discusses Game Reviewers
#181 Shadowgate Troll
#19 Duck Tales Theme
#211 Pro wrestling
#199 Pat Falls asleep
#5 Stadium Events
#83 Sunday Funday Karaoke
#277 Zelda 2 Dance
#109 - Skate or Die 2
#137 - The Nerd Takes Over
#263 - Nightshade Beat Down
#43 - Rush 'N Attack Song
#59 - Color a Dinosaur
#223 - Super F'in' Pitfall
#37 - Somebody Sums Up the Chat
#269 - The Hudson Soft Incident
#101 - Black Box

NES Marathon Announcement
NES Marathon Intro


Disc 2 Content

Teaser Trailers
M82 ftw teaser
Alisia Dragoon Teaser
Super Dodgeball teaser -
Caltron Teaser
NWC 1990 teaser
Casino Calamity teaser

SGC Videos
SGC recap
Pat's SGC Panel Highlights
SGC Panel Intro

Comic Con 2010
Comic Con Special Report
Comic Con 2010 Part 1
Comic Con 2010 Part 2
Comic Con 2010 Part 3

Highlander Endgame
Highlander: Endgame Spoony crossover Intro/Outro

Magfest 2011 Videos
MagFest 2011 Montage
Play the Punk at MAGFest - Super Dodge Ball
Play the Punk at MAGFest - Pro Wrestling
Play the Punk at MAGFest - Snake 360
Play the Punk at MAGFest - Excitebike
Play the Punk at MAGFest - Track & Field
Play the Punk at MAGFest - Abobo Deathmatch

E3 videos
Margaritaville Online Interview
Otomedius Excellent Interview with Pearl from Konami
Brianna Baker Interview
Random E3 Recap
Videogame History Museum Tour

Other videos
Pat at the Jersey Shore
Pat Sings Duck Tales
Hard News Promo
Best of Pat 2010

BONUS DVD Exclusive Vol. 3 blooper/outtake reel
BONUS DVD Exclusive A very FRANK conversation
BONUS DVD Exclusive Pat/James Rolfe Extended Conversation


Please note: if you would like the DVD signed by Pat, please send a note with your purchase during checkout (it's the "add note" function). If DVD cover is to be signed, the shrink-wrap will be removed for this to happen.

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