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Pat the NES Punk Vol. 1 & 2 DVD

For years, the Pat the NES Punk video series has lived only on YouTube and the internet. Fans over the years have asked for a DVD set for them to enjoy. Now, it's finally here in a full 2 disc set!

About the series:
 Meet Pat, a quirky video game player and collector who reviews retro video games. He also goes out on flea market adventures and travels to gaming/comic conventions to see what fun is in store. He is here to entertain you, sometimes at the expense of himself. It's all good, clean fun. OK, mostly clean. Pat will also school you on the history behind retro video games while bringing high energy, enthusiasm, and strange hair.

This professionally produced, 6 hour+ DVD set contains just about all the Pat the NES Punk material produced between mid 2008 to mid 2010. That's two full years of material containing:

 - 13 full-length episodes totaling almost 4 Hours (remastered)
 - The original & ground-breaking Flea Market Madness episode!
 - The Collection Video, Mario Ball Contest, and other special videos!
 - Exclusive commentary tracks!
 - Extended Blooper reel!
 - 6 total hours of content!


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